Comptool Solutions is not a big box computer store out to catch a quick sale and hope that you don't come back. Our systems are custom configured for your businesses needs and future growth. We sell systems from all major manufactures and can custom configure all systems. This attention to detail does have a price, we may cost more than the big box store. However, you will feel assured that your mission critical data is secure. A desktop computer is NOT a network file server, even if you have been told "server software can run on it".

We work closely with all software and hardware vendors to ensure the server and peripherals meet all necessary compatibility requirements for your applications.


  • Windows Server 2000 / 2003

  • Microsoft SQL 2000 / 6.5 / 7.0

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft IIS 6.0

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional

  • Microsoft Office

  • Desktop and Server Antivirus software

  • Adobe Creative Suite

If it runs on a computer we will do our best for you.
  • HP / Compaq

  • DELL

  • IBM

  • Intel

  • AMD

  • Lexmark

  • Epson

  • Microsoft

  • Linksys

  • D-Link


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